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I hope this helps some of you.

Herkimer College is offering a "Mini Academy" in addition to their normal classes.

The following classes are running from March 23rd to May 14th. The cost is $ 135 per credit hour for NY State residents or $ 250 for out of state.

The stickdeal comes from "Open Suny" Courses taken at one of the SUNY Community Colleges transfers directly to one of the SUNY 4 – years or Universities. Most of their tuition costs range between $ 250 – $ 300 per credit hour.

My wife (Nursing) was able to take some mini classes from Herkimer and we saved hundreds. Depending on your programs of study, this may help. I was told that their summer mini-classes will be posted shortly.

EN112 – English II
HE130 – Wellness
HU146 – Introduction to Computer Graphics and Design
IS115 – Computer Applications I
MA124 – Contemporary Math
SC117 – Nutrition
SC118 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology
SS151 – Introduction to Psychology

The link to the Non-Matriculated [herkimer.edu] application is here:

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