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Nathan’s Hot Dogs Throwback Thursdays 5 Cent Hot Dogs YMMV 5pm til closing

Nathan's Hot Dogs Throwback Thursdays 5 Cent Hot Dogs YMMV 5pm til closing

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I searched before posting but didn’t see this deal posted yet but Nathan’s is having a throwback thursday original price from 1916 5 cent hot dog deal. This was in the New Hyde Park, NY location. I couldn’t find this on their website so this would be YMMV. The deal starts at 5pm until closing, the promo doesn’t show when deal expires but I was just there on Friday night and cashier said the deal still valid. See picture of ad


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Loot Vault (Loot Crate) Closing Doors Sale, Save 15% w/code!

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Looks like Loot Vault is closing it’s doors and offering some additional saving. I have got some cool stuff through here so I would recommend taking a loot. Great stuff to stash for gifts.

Use Code SAVE15P to Save 15% on your order!
Offer expires and Vault doors close February 14 at 11:59PM PT!
Get this loot before it’s gone!


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heads up soft card (formerly known as isis) closing

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Important update that will impact your Softcard app
We are pleased to let you know that Google has acquired technology from Softcard to power the next generation of mobile wallets.

What does that mean for you? As of 3/31 your Softcard app will no longer work. You can continue to use the Softcard app until 3/31. After that your Account will be closed.

To keep using a digital wallet app download Google Wallet now.

The Softcard Team

Softcard Terms of Service available at GoSoftcard.com. ©2015 JVL Ventures, LLC.

You’re receiving this email because you activated Softcard.

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